Mt Larcom Art Gallery and Memorabilia is located in Bismark Street, Mt. Larcom in Central Queensland.  It is a dynamic and unique addition to the diverse community of Mt Larcom and the region. Its collection is growing steadily providing a fantastic catalogue for cultural awareness and preserving the rich history of the area. The facility provides a new and exciting opportunity for the extracurricular activities of the youth of the area and provides a fantastic space to compliment the schools of the regions Art programs.

The three sections of MLAGAM make for a worthy visit craft, history are connected by a central meeting area that plays host to workshops, afternoon teas and a place to relax and chat.

Its large gallery space is an asset to the artists of the area providing a space that facilitates the diverse talents of both painters, sculptors, and performance artists providing a place to display and exhibit.

The galleries superb views and sweeping veranda provides ceiling to a unique space that houses sculptors workshops and experimental art pieces .

MLAGAM works alongside the Gladstone Regional Council holistic plans for regional growth and is fast becoming a must see pit stop for tourists and the community alike.

MLAGAM is a community initiative that encourages the use of its facilities for:-

The Public – as a place to sell wares, assemble and display photographs, gather local history and memorabilia.

Schools – to hold end of year exhibitions and view other exhibitions

Artists – as a gallery space a place to hold and participate in workshops

Tourists – as a great pit stop for tourists and bus tours, a place to relax have a cup of tea/coffee and relax, browse local wares and souvenirs and learn some local history.

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